a very happy NEWS year ~

It sure was one.

Thanks so much my friends, my tweeters, my followers, my lj friends, facebook friends, teachers, family, crushes, loves, best friends, celebrities, youtube ppl, guys, and girls.

2009, i wonder how i could ever forget it.

it was such a memory among friends and crushes.  

lets see what to be thankful for, i got 1 hour frm now to start writing and copy and paste to facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.
gomen ne. ill post all my birthday presents (from the 26th :D yes i have the same b-day as oguri shun) and christmas and my own sweet 16th <3
ill reedit this entry maybe after new year <3 <3

anyways bak to the entry

im gonna link this as well i hope i can
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kay anyways im
lets enter 2010 with no worries :D
<3 <3
well resolutions
i posted some already might as well make some other ones (:
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<3 <3

soooooooooo thats basically it ! :D :D hope you like it <3 <3

oh and 
here's a picture (:

happy NEWS year <3

merry christmas and happy new year :D <3 <3
~ Karen <3


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hehe Karen HERE :D
soooooooooooooo it's 4:39 PM here in Toronto, Canada and I've just watched zoom-in
from watchful21 it said Pi will be on Zoom-in as a VTR
I video-taped it butbutbut
its like LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLQ extremely low quality cuase for some reason i had to tape it with a camera... and i think the camera had dust on it and there was grains all over ):

anyways I uploaded to youtube and gonna put it on MF for u to download :D

I'm gonna continue listening/watching till 8 and see if he will have anymore appearances on Zoom-in :D

Feel free to repost it, but credit please :D

Youtube - :D

Download - MF
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#6 Loveless <- really? or is it really ironic?

based on my last post lik a few seconds ago :P i said there would be a suprise to those that doesn't know about it

well along with the NEWS WPDC news of course that can't be JUST that short

It came along with this [oh btw, fangirls and guys of Yamapi, you should just start screaming your heads off right about NOW!]
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sooooo yep :D oh oh i forgot to tell you 


as usual don't mind me :D but here's more info at the links here, well i'm too lazy (: and i have alot of hmwrk to do along with a stupid physics test 2morow soooooo dozo

jpopasia | yamapi - it's a big newstokyograph - can't wait

yep thats all
here's the info on the cd!
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and thats all there is :D oh i listed the price for the cdjapan above, go on yesasia and check out their prices too :D

this comes out on November 18th [7 days after Tegoshi's B-day and lik 15 after Ryo's]

and thats all bye minna <3 u

~Karen <3

#5 NEWS WPDC; prayers heard

As we all know and cried (well imagine it LOL)

NEWS の Winter Party Diamond Concert DVD still hasn't come out yet. Since the season of the concert was held in the winter, the concert DVD is always presummed to come out around 1/2 a year after


Though it still hasn't come out yet.. despite all our worries, in the end we were told news from johnny's employees at the johnny's stores that they won't have a concert DVD.
As to oppose that and to beg johnny-san alot of us i mean ALOT decided to do this (refer to link)

haruka21 decided to do something like this the persuasion, plead and desperation?

I did both parts, email and the postcard, but (the postcoard isn't sent yet LOL)

Collapse )

Anyways AFTER knowing that,
the next day

dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn [if you're a member of news_jpopyou might know by now

but if you don't then
well I got an email from cdjapan [not yesasia yet, cause they're slow] thought here let me copy and paste this

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start saying eek NEWS fans :D
I was reading my email in class and almost cried from it. Our prayers were heard :D
soooo now im exteremly happy, since I already wrote the post card, im just gonna add [arigatou johnny-san] D

sooo here to everything working out ^^
on my next journal entry, if you got this cdjapan email then you'll know whats coming next :P

oh while im talkin away, here's a list of whats on the DVD

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anyways yep thats all you need to know unless you want to know the price.. fine ill add it in :D

for the Limited Edition

it is yesasia - US$75.75   &   cdjapan - 6190yen (6500yen Tax incl.) or US$ 68.85
sooo as we can see cdjapan is cheaper, but dont forget cdjapan DOESNT include shipping

as for Normal Edition
yesasia - US$64.25    &   cdjapan - 5619yen (5900yen Tax incl.) or US$ 62.50

-oh- btw the Normal Edition only has 2 discs, so the info i posted before has 3 thats LIMITED edition

(: ja ne until next time 
If anyone requests, I'll do a translations of the song name and well into romaji and and omg there's a SPECIAL REEL FOR MOLA <3 <3

~Karen :D "cant wait!"

p.s lj cut is pissing me off RAWR I HATE IT, i rewrote it lik 10 million times now.

~Dorama Update

I was bored? LOL well the list is still expanding ^^
better  to do this now, before i forgot what i've watched ><"
as for that here's a list of what've I've watched, well most of them are dramas aired in the past couple of years ^^


Dorama Watched ~Completed~
1 Litre of Tears + SP
Dragon Zakura *
Binbou Danshi
Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
Gokusen 1 + SP, 2 & 3 + SP
Code Blue + SP **
Kurosagi **
Atashinchi no Danshi *
Bloody Monday **
Galileo + SP *
Yamada Taro Monogatari *
Nodame Cantabile + SP
Hanazakari Kimi Tachi + SP **
Zettai Kareshi + SP
14 Sai no Haha
Nobuta wo Produce + SP *
Spring Story
Yukan Club **
One Pound no Fukuin
Anmitsu Hime 2008 SP + 2009 SP
Last Friends + SP **
Rookies + SP *
Proposal Daisaksen + SP *
Gira Gira
Innocent Love
Team Batista no Eiko
Ryuusei no Kizuna **
Mei-chan no Shitsuji **
Zeni Geba
Uta no Onii-san

Love Shuffle
Akai Ito **
Voice *
God Hand Teru
Majo Saiban *
The Quiz Show 2 (Golden) **
Mr. Brain **
Summer Snow
Detective Conan 1 & 2
Kami no Shizuku
Jigoku Shoujo **
+ more which i can't remember

= Yamapi or any NEWS member dramas
Kame, Jin or any KAT-TUN member dramas
PURPLE A mix between KAT-TUN + NEWS member dramas (make sense to be purple since blue + red = purple?? lol)
* = <3 must watch LOL
GREEN = Oguri Shun dramas
ORANGE Arashi member dramas
PINK = A mix between Arashi + NEWS member dramas
BROWN = A mix between Oguri Shun + Arashi member dramas

BLACK = just actors that aren't part of KAT-TUN, NEWS or Arashi (or Oguri Shun)      
note *guest appearences are not included, only if they play a role in it*

Dorama Watching
~Hold or Incompleted~
Room of Kings
Buzzer Beat **
Meitantei no Okite
Karei naru Spy
Orthros no Inu **
Koishite Akuma
Stand Up!
Water Boys
Dandy Daddy?
Futatsu no Spica *
Ninkyo Helper
Saru Lock

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Bakanishi & Massu's B-days!!!!! 07.04 (:

hihiiiiii again lol

well before i update my Japan trip anymore (for those that have me as friends, cause its f-locked) here are some wallies to celebrate my fav KT member JIN! and Massu!!1


here they are (:

oh each has 3 versions before i post them let me explain (applies to both massu and jin wallie)

1st Version - its just the picture and the background so u can alterate in anyway and put any wordings
2nd version - only with omedetou otanjoubi 07.04
3rd version - with wordings (that quite sucks LOL sorry)

hai here you are ^^ oh they are in 1280x800 pixels sorry, you can resize it but i wont be putting a different size for it


Collapse )

UPDATED WITH supposedly THE RIGHT LINKS (:oh i should put the file name when u open the link is NOT according the the versions ><" im sorry for not puttin this up earlier

#4 Zopp-san's email; reply <3

Yippppeeee ~

ahhh this is so exciting, anyways I commented recently on his blog about his request about wanting to know the people that lives outside of Canada and wants to get in contact with them.
Although he said that he MIGHT not be able to send email to everyone that replied (there's over 300 i think)

I've happened to be a lucky one

Zopp has written ALOT of lyrics for NEWS and such ^^ I'll list the ones I can remember:
NEWS - 夢の数だけ愛が生まれる
修二と彰 - 青春アミーゴ
山下智久 - 抱いてセニョリータ
NEWS - サヤエンドウ
NEWS - 裸足のシンデレラボーイ
テゴマス - ミソスープ
テゴマス - キッス〜帰り道のラブソング
テゴマス - キミ+ボク=LOVE?
テゴマス - 希望の光を心に灯そう
GOLF&MIKE - ニッポンアイニイクヨ
トリオザシャキーン - いただきマス!
ESCOLTA - 生まれかわれるなら
NEWS - with me
NEWS - why
NEWS - 愛なんて
テゴマス - アイアイ傘
テゴマス - 僕のシンデレラ
ESCOLTA - さよなら
NEWS - ガンガンガンバッテ
TU→YU - そばにいるよ
NEWS - みんながいる世界を一つに 愛をもっとGive&Takeしましょう
NEWS - ラビリンス

チェリブラ - チェリブラにヒトメボレ
チェリブラ - チェリブラにお願い

Lyric Produce:
EGNISH - tomorrow

~~ okay anyways thats all as of May 2009 ^^
credit to [info]zopp_lyricist
Anyways this is what I wrote (:

こんにちわ Zopp-さん (:
ahhh I always wanted to comment
Your works are amazing for all the Johnny's song you wrote ^^.

As for you request
I'm living in Canada, at the age of 15 (16 this year)
umm I guess you can say, I'm still a highschool student ^^.
email address is: kkongca@hotmail.com

I can't wait for the release of TegoMass' new CD. The songs you wrote are amazing, I look forward for future works ^^. NEWS daisuki desu. I love Labyrinth and now I'm hooked onto the song so much it's my alarm ring tone ^^. I guess you can say I'm a Johnny's fan, but more of a NEWS fan though. I've taken Japanese for the last year, so I guess you can say I understand it.

ありがとうございます for all the songs that you've wrote and for the artists
that sung it. It's been inspiration and fun songs to listen too. がんばって! Zopp-さん は みんなのかおに笑顔を 置くます.

I'll patiently wait for your email. Email me sometimes!


As for what he wrote:
Hello Karen

This is zopp, and this is first time that send you e-mail
At first, thank you for your comment, i am really happy

I am glad to hear that you likes my works !!
Wow, you gonna get Tegomass`s New Album ???
I wrote new song for that, I hope you like it !!


By the way, if you don’t mind, Please send me your picture that I can
see what you looks like



ahhh as for my  photoshop stuff I PROMISE ill update soon, but i will promise that I'll blog everyday when I'm in Japan in 17 days (: <3
now I have to do my essay, its almsot 12 am

crap >< love you guysssss and NEWS

luv Karen <3
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#3 P-chan お誕生日おめでとう !!! CONGRATS on turning 24! Happy Birthday

P-chan お誕生日おめでとう
omg i typed this so many times now ><"

my birthday present for p-chan wellllll it would be easier just to link you guys to my photoalbum on facebook but mehhh ill try to post it here

#1 --> hand made envelope and card and birthday wishes to P-chan made especially in kurosagi colors
since it includes the very first movie he was the lead actor and an amazing swindler he was :P

ahh im so stupid i forgot to take a pic of the contents and sent it to him ^^"

anyways picccc:

#2 --> mhmm since its 04.08 here while its 04.09 in Japan and it was a 'full moon' coincidentally, i made a wallie with the landscape picture from Markham, Ontario of the full moon
and some just photoshop thoughhhhh i dunno whats wrong with my camera the landscape picture looks KINDA weird ><"

if wanted you can use it ^^
http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t207/Karne122693/YamapiB-daywallpaper-1.jpg <- wallie

something randomly fanmade (more text than the wallie?)

soooo Yamapi happy birthay againnnn

whoopppss this got saved as a draft and i didnt post it on his b-day >< wahhhh
--> it's 2am now ><' EST time too
--> etooooo time to sleep nitey niteee

#2 What is the boundary between being friends and being lovers?

 Boundaries, pshh there's nothing in life about that. Nothing limits you at all :D

Anyways, hmm, im just gonna post a post since I'm bored at home.. and giving up on my CPTs
:P One of my bff finally posted on her lj :D and i convinced her to NEWS, KAT-TUN and JE :P don't kill me now >< It's always ncie to have a buddy to know what im tlakin about in class :P

luv u [info]eclipse75 

hmmmm guess this is gonna be a reply post to u My Massu fangirl (:

Yes Jin is a total hottie, mhmmm sexy is more like it LOL anyways since you like him and i do too, ima so pic spam and i credit to different places (sorry can't remember where i got them ><)

   <--- CUTIE :D

ughh im too bored ><" too lazy now


credit to news_jpop for providing me with the mag scan :D I cropped it and now its my dp on my msn :P

Time to work on my gym CPT ><" see ya later

ummm There will be 2 wallies coming soon well I finished it, I wanna see if I'll make icons and wallies and make a bigger batch since it's march break soon and such sooooo I'll be doin stuff over that week ^^

(of course the wallies and icons will be of news and yamapi ummm they will be coming from the calendar and other random photos)
oh and soeme kat-tun icons will be made from their calendar and such ^^


anyways (time to fly away :P)

(flies away)
じゃ みんな

あしてる <3


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Another Batch of new wallies

 credits to newsjpop for the winter diamond concert scans

Annnddd once again I bring new wallies, which have different versions ^^

[5] KoyaMassu
[2] Version 1 of NEWS
[3] Version 2 of NEWS
[1] Yamapi

Koya Massu


Version 1


Version 2


All wallpaper is in 1280x800
Here are the Files for download:
1) KoyaMassu 1
2) KoyaMassu 2
3) KoyaMassu 3
4) KoyaMassu 4
5) KoyaMassu 5

Version 1
1) Version 1 - 1
2) Version 1 - 2

Version 2
1) Version 2 - 1
2) Version 2 - 2
3) Version 2 - 3


Please take credit if used somewhere else ^^